‘The Amazing Bubble Man’ and 500 followers!!

Hey guys!! Last week, me and my family watched another city of culture performance by ‘the amazing bubble man’ at Winifred Holtby Academy. He had serious skills with bubbles and you could tell throughout the show that he viewed his work like a hobby and nothing caused him more happiness than travelling around to deliver bubble shows to different people. The audience were completely enchanted as he performed amazing bubble tricks, some classic and some that I’d never seen anyone do before. Different volunteers helped him out with some of his tricks and he acted in a chilled out, slightly cheeky manner that was appropriate for everyone and not childish like you may expect since bubble shows can often be associated with children. Unfortunately, the audience were asked not to take photos during the performance. So in today’s post I’m going to further explain what happened during the amazing bubble man’s show and give you my honest opinion of it.

To begin the show, he started by testing out all his equipment and playing around with the types of bubbles he could create by just dipping one of his tools in the bubble mixture and waving it around. He then proceeded to explain his background; he graduated with a degree of English Literature and struggled to find work. He then developed a funnel type bubble toy which he found hard to sell until he invented a book to go alongside it, explaining how the toy worked. Soon, he had developed a whole range of bubble toys and he was touring America as a business man, selling his products. However, he found his work so boring that he quit and decided to devise a bubble show instead where he could wow and bring pleasure to audiences. This brilliantly introduced his next trick as he claimed to the audience that no one could ever love bubbles more than he did. Of course the children who were watching all protested that they loved bubbles more so to prove his point, he created a bubble and kissed it as a way of proving his love. This prompted him to invite a host of volunteers up to the front so they could have a turn at kissing bubbles and for each volunteer, he created a bigger bubble. After all the bubbles had been kissed and popped in the process, his next mission was to prove that anything with a hole in it could generate bubbles. This point was demonstrated through a washing up brush with a hole in the handle, a gravy spoon, crocs and even his hands as he contorted his fingers to make a hole. Once he’d revealed ways to create bubbles, he explained the recipe for making bubble mixture. Since bubbles usually pop at extremely fast speeds, he offered to pop one in slow motion so we could see the air escaping from it. To do this, he filled a bubble with stage smoke and as he destroyed it, the smoke could be visibly seen exiting the bubble. In reverse to this, he manipulated a bubble into travelling upwards really fast so it hit the roof. Every time a bubble hit the roof, the audience had to scream but if it failed to, they had to remain deadly silent so he could feel the pain of his failure. A majority of the bubbles whizzed upwards and suceeded in hitting the ceiling and each time the audience cheered in celebration.

The next part of the performance focused in on the science of popping bubbles. Some regular bubbles were created but try as he might, he could not destroy them even as he tried all kinds of different techniques such as karate chopping them which just divided them in two instead. The explanation for why he couldn’t pop the bubbles could be explained by the fact he was wearing gloves, coated with bubble mixture, which acted as a shield and prevented his fingers from eliminating the bubble. Weirdly enough, bubbles have the ability to rest on hairs as proven when he constructed a chain of bubbles across his arm hairs. To further confirm his point, he brought out two volunteers from the audience, one a young child with a thick mass of hair and the other a man who was completely bald. The bald man received a smearing of bubble mixture over his head before the amazing bubble man fashioned a column of bubbles on his head and also the young boy’s head, both of which resembled a horn. None of the bubbles popped as the two volunteers remained still until the bubble man asked them to take their seats once again. Next, he introduced another volunteer whom he handed a helmet too so his hair would remain dry. He constructed the flying saucer bubble on top of the boy’s head which as the name suggests, featured a bubble within a bubble spinning round and round. He started off by creating two long ears made of foam from the helmet and produce three similar sized bubbles, all stacked on top of each other. The lower bubble was filled with lots of the smaller bubbles while the top bubble had some foam with bubbles surrounding it inside of it. Gently, he used a tool to blow into the bubble causing the foam to swirl around and resemble a flying saucer. Next, he invited three volunteers up on the stage and stood them in specific places. He asked the boy volunteer to roar his name as loud as he possibly could in preperation for the bubble trick he was going to be involved in. After that, he instructed the volunteer to stand on the slippery pad where his larger bubble tools were resting. He brought the bubble tool up to create a bubble that surrounded the boy and had him yell his name at the top of his lungs again to penetrate through the bubble. The two other volunteers also had bubbles enclosed around them and the bubble man directed one of the volunteers to stand slightly apart from the other while he guided a bubble so it created a rainbow arc and encased both the volunteers.

For the last part of the show, the amazing bubble man created 4 amazing types of bubbles: the square bubble, the torcano bubble, the glow in the dark bubble and the disco bubble. Using his superior equipment, he suceeded in constructing a bubble that was shaped unlike normal circular bubbles, a bubble that swirled around like a tornado while it erupted like a volcano, hence the name torcano, a bubble that glowed when the auditorium was blacked out and a bubble that spun around and reflected green light. The finale featured a tool that produced a sea of bubbles all at once that looked so beautiful as he waved it through the air to create more. I left Winifred Holtby thoroughly entertained and elated with the new possibilities in bubbleology that I’d never even considered before. To view the amazing bubble man’s website, click here.

Also, as a side note, ‘Amelia in Hull’ hit 500 followers this weekend!! Thank you so much for your ongoing support, it means so much to me. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all my followers especially the ones who like and comment on most of my posts, so a special thanks to them.

Thank you for reading this post!! Are you a fan of bubbles? Let me know in the comments!! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. I’ve only ever seen giant bubbles on one occasion, when someone had those giant sticks in a park. I’ve never seen a whole show on it though, that sounds so cool! Congrats on reaching 500 followers as well Amelia!! 😀

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  2. Oh my gosh haha, this sounds like such a fun event!! My brothers, especially, would love to see something like this. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experience! And a hearty congratulations on 500 followers, that is amazing, girl! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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