Bedtime stories event!!

Hey guys!! Last week, as I mentioned in my last post, I went to 3 city of culture events so since I reviewed ‘Drip’ in my previous post, I’m going to be reviewing one of the other events today. The event we went to was called ‘Bedtime stories’ and it was set up in a drama/dance classroom at Hymers College. ‘Bedtime stories’ was a brilliant fusion of acrobatics and drama that drove forth a powerful message underneath it all. So in today’s post, I’m going to be describing in more detail what this event was like and giving you my honest opinion of it.

‘Bedtime stories’ was set up in a drama/ dance room and beds, mattresses, pillows and blankets were lined up around the stage, for the audience to sit on and use. The performance began with two of the performers walking out onto the stage, one playing the mum and the other playing her daughter. The daughter climbed up on her bed and the mum settled down at her desk, both of which had been set up on the stage as props. Whilst the mum worked away at her desk, the daughter brought out a notepad and as she began to draw in it, a screen settled around her bed and showed a castle with flowers, trees and people outside it gradually being drawn as if she was drawing it. After the daughter had fully drawn out the picture, the screen lifted up again and the mum came up to see her daughter to bed. The daughter begged her mum for a story and the mum agreed and brought out a fairytale story which she said she’d loved reading with her mum when she was a little girl. As she read it out to her daughter, the screen showed illustrations that looked as though they would accompany the story. The mum read about half way through the story and then stopped suddenly after her daughter had seemingly fallen asleep. She got up to go back downstairs but her daughter bounced back up and asked why she hadn’t finished the story. The mum explained that it was getting late and she promised she’d finish off the story tomorrow. The daughter snuggled down in bed and the mum kissed her goodnight and headed downstairs to all her work that awaited her. Once she was sure her mum was downstairs, the daughter got out of bed and proceeded to jump around her room, throwing pillows and teddies on the floor and making a lot of noise. The mum heard the huge amounts of noise coming from upstairs so she went back upstairs to scold her daughter. The mum promised she’d be back up in 5 minutes to say goodnight to her after her daughter had calmed down a bit so she hurried downstairs to continue on with the massive piles of work she had to do. The mum decided she’d ring her own mum but she didn’t pick up so she left her an answer machine message, saying that she’d read her daughter the book they once read together when she was a child and that they hadn’t spoken in a while so it would be lovely if she could ring her back. Meanwhile, back upstairs, another performer had come running in and he was playing imaginary games with the daughter so you assumed it was her imaginary friend. After a few minutes, the daughter pondered over where her mum was and wondered if she should just go to bed instead of waiting for her. As if on cue, the mum came back upstairs but her daughter was annoyed with her for making her wait well over 5 minutes for her so she wouldn’t say goodnight to her. The mum told her she was waiting until she did say goodnight to her but suddenly the phone rang out so after promising to come back up in 5 minutes, she chased its ringing sound downstairs. The phone rang off before she reached it and left an answerphone message from her mum, saying she’d love to talk and asking if she could ring her back soon. The mum buried her head down into her pile of work, overwhelmed with everything she had to do and worrying she wouldn’t have enough time to be able to do it all. She proceeded to gather up all the paperwork that littered her desk and toss it all up in the air so that it fell on the floor. Her daughter had come looking for her because she felt guilty for not saying goodnight to her but she couldn’t find her anywhere. Her imaginary friend blamed her for her mum’s disappearance because after all she had not said goodnight to her. So the daughter tried to convince her imaginary friend to go on an adventure to find her mum which he didn’t agree to until she offered him the chance to be a pirate captain and he quickly took it up. However, after not having any luck finding her, the daughter agreed to go on on her own since she felt it was her responsibility to find her mum. Her imaginary friend disappeared back off stage and suddenly both the mum and the daughter ran into each other. They tightly embraced and then the mum apologised to the daughter for not coming up sooner to wish her goodnight. The daughter settled down into her bed and asked if they could finish off the story so they snuggled up together and as the performance drew to a close, the mum read her daughter the rest of the story. At certain points in the performance, acrobatic dances were incorporated in and the tricks they performed seemed effortless and they were absolutely amazing to watch. The powerful message behind it all was that parents should always find time to spend with their children and children should be respectful of their parents. I enjoyed bedtime stories and I’d definitely watch it again given the chance.

Thank you for reading this blog post!! What’s your favourite fairytale story? Let me know in the comments!! There’ll be another blog post out soon but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


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