‘Drip’ comedy event for City of Culture!!

Hey guys!! This week, I’ve been to 3 different city of culture events and one of them was a comedy event named ‘Drip’. The storyline of it was that a 15 year old boy from Hull called Liam had recently moved from South Shields to Hull and he’d decided to join Hull’s first synchronized swimming team with his best friend Kaz even though he can’t swim. There was only one person in the performance who was playing Liam and he narrated the story in an excellent way so you could imagine the characters and the scene playing out in front of you. So in today’s post I’m going to be further describing ‘Drip’ and giving you my honest opinion of it.

The performance was started off with Liam, implying he was presenting an assembly to the whole of year 11 at his school and so bringing us up to speed with everything that had happened so far: he’d moved from South Shields to Hull so his Mum could move in with her new boyfriend Barry, his best friend at school was Kaz and he had a Spiderman figure in his room which he often talked to imagine he was receiving advice from it. The basic storyline that then followed was Kaz came round to his house and told him that they needed to go somewhere for inspiration for the project all of year 11 was doing. So she swept him off to the gay pride parade in the centre of Hull (which happened in real life a couple of months ago) and Liam stated he wasn’t worried about anyone from school seeing them there because him and Kaz were both out. All of a sudden, in the crowd Liam’s eyes locked onto a boy who’d just left year 11 last year called Josh but before he had time to fully process that he was there, Josh had disappeared. Whilst Liam stared at the number of tight swimsuit wearing guys in the parade, a huge smile spread across Kaz’s face like she’d just had a fantastic idea. The next day, she arranged for Liam to meet her at the swimming pool and when he got there, he discovered Kaz had signed both of them up for Hull’s first synchronized swimming team. The only problem was Liam could not swim at all. He started to try and explain this to Kaz when he saw Josh making his way into the swimming pool and decided that he’d do it. After all, maybe swimming would just come naturally to him. However, after nearly drowning in the pool and Josh saving him, it was established that Liam needed swimming lessons so Josh offers to teach him since he’s looking to get a job in life guarding so he’s a really good swimmer. Liam starts have lessons with Josh and after a few lessons, he gets the hang of swimming with a floatie and he can just about manage to doggie paddle a full length of the pool unaided. Him and Josh both walk home together and they share an awkward moment when Liam goes in for a hug but Josh flinches away from it and avoids Liam from that moment on. Kaz has set up for her and Liam to perform at a pool party when all of year 11 will be there and in the changing room, getting ready to go and do it, Liam is freaking out. Kaz tries to reassure him but Liam locks himself in the changing room and refuses to come out. His swimming hasn’t improved that much since Josh has been avoiding him since “the hug” so he hasn’t had any lessons since then. Plus, he’s so sure everyone in year 11 will just diss them for trying to do a synchronized swimming routine. So Kaz and Liam fall out over Liam not doing the synchronized swimming performance so they won’t win the project prize and Liam is feeling really lonely without Kaz round out his house 24/7 like she normally is. So he decides to text Josh and ask if they can meet up so he can talk to someone about everything that’s happened with Kaz and him. Josh agrees to and when they meet up at the local park, he advises Liam to go and talk to Kaz and tell her how he’s feeling. Liam and Josh go round to Kaz’s house and it doesn’t take much persauding for her to go with them just so she can get away from arguing with her dad. Liam apologises to Kaz for ruining her chances at winning the prize for the best project and she begrudgingly accepts his apology. Liam hints that the assembly he’s doing for year 11 is his way of making it up to Kaz and attempting to win the project prize for her. Throughout the performance, Liam plays his guitar and sings original songs that fit in with the storyline and to finish off the performance he encourages the audience to sing along to the chorus of one of the songs he had sung earlier on. It was a fantastic way to end a fantastic performance.

I really enjoyed the event and found it pretty relatable at some points because below the surface of the storyline, it centered in on the struggles of being a teenager. I also found it to be very humorous whilst also narrating the story perfectly so I could imagine it playing out in my head. I would definitely like to see more events like this in the future.

Thank you for reading this blog post!! Have you been to any comedy shows recently? Let me know in the comments!! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


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