Afternoon of Culture in Hull!!

Hey guys!! So on Saturday afternoon, I went into Hull for a few hours and saw some really amazing events for City of Culture. The first event was in Princes Quay Shopping Centre and was entitled ‘Elephant in the room’. It was basically a life sized sculpture in the form of a whale made up of thousands of ripped up pieces of paper which were suspended on nylon threads. The other event was a dance event called ‘Take Flight’ which featured pupils of four local dance schools who’d teamed up with Royal Opera House choreographers to bring a visually stunning dance routine to Trinity Square. ‘Take Flight’ also linked in with the grand reopening of Hull New Theatre which has been closed for the £16m refurbishment since last December. The Royal Ballet were the first to perform there after it had reopened. So in today’s blog post, I will be going into more detail of the two events and giving you my opinion of it.

‘Elephant in the room’ really captured your interest the moment you set your eyes on it. Each jagged piece of paper dangled perfectly in place in the air, amounting to nothing on its own but coming together with the thousands of other bits of paper like it to create a stunningly unique sculpture of a whale. I marvelled in its beauty and precision because I can not imagine how long it must have taken to precisely place each piece of paper. I really applaud the artist Claire Morgan for coming up with such a brilliant concept for the piece. ‘Elephant in the room’ can be viewed in Princes Quay shopping centre any time before 15 October.

‘Take Flight’ found inspiration in the power and beauty of birds in flight and you could definitely see this through the stunning choreography they performed. All the dancers were dressed from head to toe in blue and came out one by one to stand on the benches that surrounded Trinity Square and perform delicate flowing arm movements that imitated the way a bird moves its wings. There were also 6 dancers stood right at the top of Hull Minster with baggy sleeves that blew in the breeze so that it resembled a bird in flight. The dancers on the ground then all came together as a group and performed the main part of their routine. They started off performimg bird- like movements in smaller groups and then they all filed one by one onto a ramp that had been set up for them to dance on. The next part of their dance involved them running round in a circle through Trinity Square before pausing and performing challenging moves that could be done whilst standing still. They repeated this several times, each with different choreography after they’d run around and as the music faded out, they all finished in the exact same bird like position. The performance mesmerized me from start to finish and you could definitely see all the hard work that had gone into preparing the amazing ‘Take Flight’ event.

Thank you for reading this blog post!! Which event do you find more interesting, ‘Take Flight’ or ‘Elephant in the room’? Let me know in the comments!! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. I agree that they were both stunning in different ways. The dancers were exceptional and you really got the sense that they were birds. It must have taken a lot of practice for them all together. Well written Amelia.

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  2. What a great Blog Amelia!
    Both events were inspirational but I really liked the “Take Flight” experience. There were well rehearsed dancers everywhere you looked and the overall effect was stunning. I’m so pleased that I was able to be there….. what’s next?

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