The AG Travel Diaries: France Part 2!!

Hey guys!! If you read my previous post then you’ll know that today’s post is the part 2 of when I stayed in France last week!! After we’d stayed in the villa in Bias for a week, we left there and drove down to Bordeaux where we stayed in a hotel for a couple of days before flying back to England!! I had an amazing time in Bordeaux and I absolutely adore the city so I can’t wait to go back one day!! So in today’s post, I’m going to be sharing my experience of staying in Bordeaux with you all!!


Bordeaux Cathedral was one of the first tourist attractions I saw whilst I was in Bordeaux and it really was spectacular inside and out. The magnificent cathedral is built in quite a gothic way and is absolutely massive. Inside, there were lots of stunning stained glass windows and beautifully made statues of relevant religious figures. As we were walking around, we found numerous private chapels, some of which were still in good condition and some which weren’t so much. The cathedral overall just blew my mind with its beauty and its immaculate decorations and you could really feel God’s presence there.

Bordeaux Cathedral’s stunning exterior
Bordeaux Cathedral’s intricate towers

Gorgeous stained glass window

Intricate stone interior of Bordeaux Cathedral
Statue of Jesus as a baby


Miroir d’Eau is a reflective pool of water, less than 2 centimetres deep which is designed to reflect the Place de la Bourse (a square which represents Bordeaux’s freedom from its walls so it could finally grow) which is across the road from it. We came across this fairly new yet popular attraction a few times and I never tired of seeing the shimmering reflection of Place de la Bourse in Miroir D’Eau. On a particularly hot afternoon whilst we were in Bordeaux, we came to Miroir D’Eau to find children happily splashing around in the water and having so much fun. We also came across Miroir D’Eau the first night of us staying in Bordeaux and people were marvelling at the gorgeous reflection of the Place de la Bourse. I found it lovely that everyone from children to the elderly had a different way of appreciating Miroir D’Eau.

Miroir D’Eau’s shimmering waters

Reflection of Place de la Bourse


Darwin was definitely one of my favourite tourist attractions that we visited in Bordeaux!! It was basically a place where people were trying to live a more eco friendly life and you could walk around and look at the amazing wall art pieces people had done there. All the pieces of wall art were so individual and unique from each other and I got seriously cool photos of many of them. I literally didn’t want to leave Darwin because it was so cool and I loved it so much!!

This wall art reminded me of Hull’s fishing heritage!!
My favourite piece of wall art!!
Such a vibrant piece of wall art!!
Even the sign welcoming you to Darwin is super cool!!
‘Climax’ is made out of empty cans and wood!!


Another really great thing we did was the bus tour of Bordeaux where I got to see pretty much all of the tourist attractions that were in Bordeaux!! The tour took about an hour and we saw attractions such as Porte de Bourgogne which is an arch located at the former entrance of the road from Paris to the town of Bordeaux, FlΓ©che Saint-Michel which is the bell tower for Bordeaux Cathedral and Place de Quinconces which is home to a fountain decorated with bronze horses and troops and a statue on top of a column which represents the spirit of liberty. I really enjoyed seeing the variety of different attractions and learning more about Bordeaux.

Place de Quinconces
Porte de Bourgogne

FlΓ©che Saint-Michel


River Garonne runs all the way through Bordeaux and is a massive part of the city!! It’s 602 km long and runs through other French cities as well as Bordeaux such as Toulouse and Agen. Since River Garonne splits Darwin and some other parts of Bordeaux off from the centre, Pont de Pierre and Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas (which are the two bridges in Bordeaux) connect both sides of the city to each other. You can also go on a river cruise across the river and enjoy a stroll along the water front. 

Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas
Water front along River Garonne

Bordeaux is a diverse city, full of interesting buildings and architecture and it’s a lovely place to visit if you haven’t been already.

Thank you for reading this post!! Where’s your favourite city that you’ve visited? Let me know in the comments!! There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


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