Flying from Humberside Airport to France!!

Hey guys!! So for this week I’m going to be on holiday in France!! Me and my family are staying in a lovely villa down in the south west of France and so far we’ve all really enjoyed being here. I will do my best to keep up with all your posts however I may not release a post next Sunday depending on if I have time to or not. Anyways, for today’s post, I’m going to be talking about Humberside Airport which is the airport I flew from to get to France and giving you an insight to what it was like there.

Our flight from Humberside Airport was at 10 o clock and was with KLM Airlines. My house is about 30 mins away from there so despite having to get up at quarter past 6 in the morning (which let me tell you I was not happy about) we set off from our house about 7 o’clock and reached the airport at about half past 7. Now all the other airports we’ve been to before such as Leeds Bradford, Manchester and East Midlands have always had a serious shortage of parking spaces which has meant that parking up our car was not an easy task at all. However there were plenty of spaces in the car park at Humberside Airport and we had no problem parking up and reaching the Airport building fairly quickly.

Humberside Airport is one of the smaller airports in the UK so there weren’t a lot of shops and restaurants like there are at bigger airports. However, that meant that it wasn’t as busy and crowded as some of the other airports I’ve been to and I enjoyed a nice calm wait before my flight. This also meant that going through security was a literal breeze and we didn’t have to queue for ages like I have had to in the past. The lack of busyness at Humberside Airport also means that getting there really early for your flight isn’t necessary since we only needed to be there 2 hours before. If you are willing to get up quite early you will be able to get off for your flight quicker meaning you’ll reach your destination quicker.

Humberside Airport don’t fly directly to all smaller airports however some of the flights going out at the same time as ours included Jersey, Burgas, San Francisco and Venice and these are just naming a few of the places they fly to. The most common place they fly to though is Amsterdam and the idea is that you fly to Amsterdam and then on from there to wherever you want to go. We actually did this so we flew first to Amsterdam which only took an hour and then after spending a couple of hours in the airport there we flew on to France which took about an hour and 20 minutes and arrived there at about 4 o clock. I would definitely recommend this option if you live near Humberside Airport and don’t mind getting two flights since there were no direct flights to where I was staying in France from northern England and Amsterdam is a really nice Airport to stop off at with lots of shops and restaurants. I was very impressed overall with Humberside Airport and I would definitely travel again from there if I get the chance to. 

Thank you for reading this blog post!! Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to write a post about my experience in France. There’ll be another post out soon but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. Awe ❤️!!! That’s amazing Amelia! I’ve always wanted to visit France, and I will someday?! Yes, yes I’d wanna read all about your amazing experience in France!! Waiting for it,

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  2. I’ve flown from quite a few airports but never Humberside and you have given me a very good idea of what it is like and I will certainly keep it in mind if I ever want to fly to France or, as you said, Amsterdam to travel further! Keep on blogging as they are very informative and enjoyable to read!

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  3. Always used to use Humberside, even nearer for me lol, but the places we usually visited, mainly Spain I admit, were no longer doing the flights, well Thompsons move their operations to Doncaster/Sheffield/Robing Hood. Always liked the low key operations, but its a few years now since I actually flew from Humberside and I do miss the cosyness (can an airport be cosy?) France is, shall we say, a hit an miss with me, beautiful country but we had a bad experience with Euro Disney a few years ago taking the grandchildren for their Christmas surprise gift. The whole thing was spoilt by the attitued of the French as soon as they realised that we were English. They can insult me all they wish but not an 10 plus 8 year old, to me that did it and I’ve never been back since. Hope you have a great time just the same.

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    • I love how cosy Humberside is too!! Awww it’s a shame you had a bad experience in France that has made you not like it that much!! I had a lovely time thank you and I’m looking forward to writing about my experiences of it!! 😊 xx


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