200 follower Q and A!!

Hey guys!! A few weeks ago, I hit 200 followers on this blog and I wrote a post asking for your questions for my 200 follower Q and A. Now two weeks on, I finally get to answer all those questions!! Thank you to everyone who’s asked me questions for this post and to everyone who’s following my blog because without you this post couldn’t be possible and I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am for all of you!! I don’t want this to be a really long intro so lets just jump straight in and get on with my 200 follower Q and A!!


  • WHERE IN THE U.K WOULD YOU LIKE TO VISIT SOON? There are honestly so many places I’d like to visit in the U.K but the main places are London, Leeds and Manchester.
  • WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR YOUR BLOG OVER THE NEXT 6 MONTHS? I would like to reach 300 followers at some point during the next 6 months and just keep putting blog posts out every Sunday or Monday for you guys!! I guess I haven’t got any massive dreams or ambitions for the next 6 months, I just like to take things one blog post at a time!!
  • WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO LONDON TO SEE ME? Hopefully soon!! It all depends on us saving up enough money to go but we’ve definitely talked about going to London soon. I’ll let you know when we do go 🙂


    • WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE TIME OF DAY? Oohhh night time because I get to sleep and I’m finally reunited with my bed after a long day apart!!


      • WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIE AND WHY? At the minute, I have quite a few favourite movies and they are ‘the Lion King’, ‘Pitch Perfect 1 and 2’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Rogue one: A star wars story’. These are my favourite movies because I love all Disney movies and romantic comedy movies and I can’t watch sci fi or horror movies because I’d have nightmares about it and feel sick. However, me and my best friend plan on watching quite a few new movies that we like the look of when she sleeps over at my house soon so I might have a couple more movies to add to that list!!


        • WHY DOES HULL HAVE SUCH A BAD REPUTATION ACROSS THE U.K.? I think its because people over time have developed this bad opinion of Hull without visiting the city and it has become a stereotype. People seem to think that when you go to Hull everyone has a really common accent, the people there are really unfriendly and common and that there are a lot of people unemployed in the city when actually there is only the smallest grain of truth in that statement. Like any other city in England, you do get people with quite common accents but not everyone is like that; there are people who are unfriendly but for the most part people are friendly and there is a small minority of people who are unemployed but most people do have jobs. I would say if you are starting to build up a bad stereotype of Hull come and visit!! I think you’ll be very surprised by what its actually like compared with its stereotype.


          • WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST PET PEEVE? People who are not loyal to those who care about them and when people clack plates together. The noise goes right through me!!
          • WHO OR WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START BLOGGING? I’ve always loved to write from a very young age so when my parents suggested I start a blog I couldn’t wait to get started!! I think I was inspired by the fact I could share my beautiful home city with people and I’d be able to write every single week!!


            • WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT BLOGGING? Being able to channel my love of writing into the blog posts I write and talking to all you lovely other bloggers!!
            • WHATS THE FAVOURITE PLACE YOU’VE VISITED? I would have to say Florida because it was so amazing to get to go to Disney World and experience all the magical moments it had to offer.


              • DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE BOOK? I’ve really got into Ally Carter recently and I love the books that are in her series ‘Embassy Row’ because they are full of suspense and drama right from the first page.
              • WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE THING ABOUT LIVING IN HULL? I love how charming and unique it is as a city and that it is home to such friendly people!!

                ROBERTCDAY ASKED:

                • WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HAPPEN AFTER YOU DIE? I want my family to have a funeral for me in which they all wear something blue because that’s my favourite colour and they play my favourite song(s). I would then like my body to be cremated and thrown into the Humber Estuary.
                • WHAT WAS THE LAST FANTASY YOU HAD ABOUT A TEACHER? Ummm I’ve never really fantasized about my teachers before …
                • IF TREES COULD SPEAK WHAT WOULD THE ONES IN YOUR NEAREST PARK SAY TO YOU? We would probably just have a gossip and talk about normal stuff like I do with my friends. Maybe they’d ask me to try and release their roots from the ground so they can roam free … I don’t know!!
                • WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO HAMSTERS IF THEY ACHIEVED SENTIENCE AND WERE SENT TO COLONISE THE NEAREST STAR PLANET? I would tell them not to be scared and just treat the whole experience like it was one big adventure!!


                • WHAT IS A PLACE THAT’S HIDDEN AWAY THAT MAYBE ONLY LOCALS KNOW ABOUT THAT IS WORTH CHECKING OUT/ YOUR FAVOURITE LOCAL ATTRACTION? Well my favourite attraction is the Deep but I feel like quite a lot of people already know about that!! I can’t think of any places only locals know about; Hull is pretty open to tourists!! If you were staying in Hull for a couple of days I would suggest visiting the Deep, Ferens Art Gallery, Humber Street and the Marina because these are some of Hull’s best tourist attractions!!

                    MARIONESS ASKED:

                    • WHY DID YOU START THIS BLOG? I started Amelia in Hull to share my amazing home city Hull with you all and to develop my love of writing!!


                      • WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPIEST IN LIFE? A lot of things make me happy in life but I would say the main things are my amazing family and friends, music and my blog!!

                      Thank you for reading this blog post and thank you to all these amazing bloggers for asking me questions for my Q and A!! Please check all of their blogs out, I love all of their blogs so much!! There will be another post out soon but until then bye for now!!

                      Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


                      1. Awesome answers, Amelia!! This was so much fun to read! 💖 also I have never had white chocolate chip pancakes – that’s on my list of foods to try now, haha!! 😍💛 how you started your blog is so cool! I love writing, as well, which is why blogging has always appealed to me. xx

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                      2. Loved this and well done again so proud!!!
                        Loved your answer on Hull…. When we where there we loved every minute of it and are planning to return again! One person from Hull mentioned when we where there that it is the end of the road…. This stuck with me for sure! Everyone needs to get there bum to Hull for sure!! xxx

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