10 questions about Hull!!

Hey guys!! So for today’s post, I’ve decided to do an interview with myself about Hull. I’ve come up with 10 different questions which all link to Hull in some way and I’m going to be answering all of them for you in this post so you can find out more about what I think of my home city!!


  • WHATS THE BEST THING ABOUT LIVING IN HULL? The best thing about living in Hull is that its an ever-changing city with a fascinating history and friendly locals!!
  • WHAT’S THE WORST THING ABOUT LIVING IN HULL? This is going to sound very bias but I actually can’t think of one bad thing about living in Hull!! Hull has great tourist attractions, cafes, a wide range of shops and it’s such interesting city to live in!!
  • WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT HULL BEING CITY OF CULTURE THIS YEAR? I think it’s a great opportunity for Hull to show visitors to the city how great it actually is and to put itself on the list of cities worth visiting!! It’s also amazing to have all these unique events right on my doorstep and I’m so grateful that I get to go to some of these events!!
  • WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE CITY OF CULTURE EVENT SO FAR? I’ve loved all the events so far but my favourite would have to be ‘Height of the Reeds’ which was on the Humber Bridge. This is because I loved listening to the music which was played whilst you walked across the Humber Bridge as part of the event and I just felt so calm and relaxed during it. It was also nice to just spend time in my own head space and I enjoyed reading the blog post for this event a lot.
  • WHAT EVENT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO FOR CITY OF CULTURE? I can’t wait for the Freedom Festival this year!! The Freedom Festival is an annual event in Hull which has some really unique events going on as part of the festival. The previous Freedom Festivals have been amazing so I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like this year when Hull is City of Culture!!
  • WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE TOURIST ATTRACTION IN HULL? All the tourist attractions in Hull are great but I’d have to say the Deep is my favourite!! This is because I’ve been to the Deep about 20 times now and it never gets old to see the sealife that lives there and I always enjoy myself when I go there.
  • WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE CAFE IN HULL? Honestly I can’t pick between ‘Nibble’ and  ‘Del Gelato’ because both are such different but excellent cafes so I’m just going to say both!! I would definitely recommend trying to visit at least one if you ever visit Hull.
  • WHY DID YOU START A BLOG ABOUT HULL? I started ‘Amelia in Hull’ so that I could share with people the amazing events that were going on in Hull and how great Hull is!!
  • NAME SOME FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO CAME FROM HULL: Amy Johnson who was the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia came from Hull, William Wilberforce who was a key person in the abolishment of slavery of black people also came from Hull and so did John Venn who invented the Venn diagram. These are just a handful of the famous people who came from Hull and I’m going to explore this more in a future blog post.
  • WHY SHOULD PEOPLE VISIT HULL? People should visit Hull because it’s a unique city which is often overlooked or has bad opinions formed about and you should just visit Hull yourself to see what you think of it!!

Thank you for reading this blog post!! Let me know in the comments what your favourite thing is about the place that you live in!! There will be another post up next week but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. What an interesting Blog! If I wasn’t already sold on the many benefits of Hull, I would be now after reading your question responses. I think that the best part of where I live is the easy access I have to the Peak District National Park – it too has so many different places to visit and a range of exciting events to participate in!

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  2. Loved this post! I went to hull uni (graduated lasted year) and I absolutely loved it there. It’s such a friendly, pretty city and it will always be my home away from home 😊

    Ps my favourite cafe is planet coffee and cafe galeto (both on newland) x

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