‘Playing the Bridge’

Hey guys!! On Sunday, my family went to the ‘Playing the Bridge’ performance on Scale Lane bridge. The performance was made up of two parts: the first part was an ensemble playing Javanese gamelan percussion music on top of the bridge; the second part was the musicians playing the inside of the bridge, accompanied by an ensemble of woodwind and string instruments. The event and pieces were organised and composed by Nye Parry and it was a very unique performance to watch and listen to. In today’s blog post, I’m going to be sharing my experience of ‘Playing the Bridge’ with you and giving my opinion of it.

The first part of the performance was at the top of the bridge and it incorporated instruments such as kempuls, kenongs and sarons!! The songs that the ensemble played were quite calm, soothing songs but in a way they were almost quite eerie due to the sounds the different instruments all made. It was very unique to watch and listen to and I’m glad I got the oppurtunity to do so.

After having a 15 minute break, the ensemble as well as some members of the community prepared themselves for the second part of the ‘Playing the Bridge’ performance which was actually inside the bridge. This part of the performance had lots going on. It started off with someone hitting the large steel wall of the inside of the bridge which created a deep vibrating sound. Gradually, people began to join in playing different parts of the steel structure of the bridge all adding to the overall spooky sound. As the dynamics increased the rhythms changed and became syncopated. Whilst all this was going on, some musicians began playing their instruments which were all woodwind or string. They added to the sound by playing prolonged notes. Then they began to walk around the inside of the bridge, playing their instruments all the while, and towards the end of the performance, they exited the inside of the bridge and began to walk up the steps outside to the top of the bridge . We, as the audience were encouraged to follow them and once they reached the top of the bridge and played the finishing note, they were met with a huge round of applause. The piece of music that was played in the second part of the performance was also quite a spooky piece of music and it was really interesting to see people using the inside of a bridge as an instrument!! I definitely don’t think I’m going to see and listen to a performance like that again in my life!!

I would rate this event 10 out of 10 stars due to the fact I really can’t find anything to fault about the performance!! It was really unique and different and something I’m very glad I got the opportunity to watch and listen to.

Thank you for reading this blog post!! I challenge you wherever you live to visit Hull this year and visit at least one of the events while you are there!! Let me know if you do!! There will be another blog post up next week but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull 


  1. It really sounds a remarkable experience. I am sure you will never get such an opportunity again. Well written Amelia. You can almost hear the sounds from your descriptive narrative!!

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  2. That sounds like something I would have enjoyed. It is a pity it is difficult to find out in advance what is going to be on in Hull.

    Your very descriptive blog makes me feel I was there with you.

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    • Thank you it’s a shame you missed it!! I heard that there is going to be an installation put in the bridge as a kind of follow up event to ‘Playing the Bridge’ but I don’t know too many details on it


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