‘Nibble’ Cafe Review

Hey guys!! So in the last few weeks me and my family visited a cafe in Hull called ‘Nibble’ twice. On both visits, I was extremely impressed with the little cafe and the wide range of cakes and lunchtime snacks that they had and how nice the actual set up of the cafe was. In today’s blog post, I’m going to be fully reviewing ‘Nibble’ and giving you my opinion on my experience there.

On my first visit to ‘Nibble’, we timed it just right and managed to get a table that we could all sit together at. However, the second time round, we did originally plan to go for lunch at ‘Nibble’ but it was absolutely crammed when we got there so we decided to go somewhere else for lunch and come back later in the afternoon and have a cake there instead.Since ‘Nibble’ is only quite a small cafe, I really hope they’ll consider expanding their cafe since most of the tables are two people tables so getting a seat in there can often prove to be a challenge for a family like mine. On both visits, once we had all sat down, I went to go see what cakes they had and on both occasions I was absolutely spoiled for choice. Also, they actually had a different selection of cakes both times which I was really impressed with because most cafes just have the same cakes every time you go there.

The first time we visited ‘Nibble’, I chose a piece of salted caramel brownie but on the second visit, I went for a massive wedge of cookies and cream cake. I definitely found the salted caramel brownie a lot easier to eat since it was smaller and less creamy than the cookies and cream cake. However, they were both absolutely delicious cakes which I would definitely eat again if I got the chance. They also had a wide array of hot and cold drinks which on my first visit I chose to get an apple Juice and on the second time, I got a vimto instead.

I would rate my overall experience at ‘Nibble’ 9 out of 10 stars, docking a star for the fact that its still quite a small cafe and getting a table where you and your family can all sit together in there is quite a struggle and you have to time it just right. However, apart from that I was really impressed on both of my visits to ‘Nibble’and I definitely want to go there again in the future for lunch or breakfast as they have a delicious menu for each.Thank you for reading this blog post!! If you would like to visit ‘Nibble’ its address is Nibble @ The Dock, Queen St, Hull HU1 1UU. It’s located near the C4DI building and its probably best to park in the Scale Lane car park and walk over the bridge to get to ‘Nibble’.  There will be a new blog post up next week but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia In Hull


  1. Having been fortunate to frequent Nibble twice in the not too distant past, I really appreciate all that you have said in this blog Amelia! However, had I not been there before, your blog most certainly would make me go along asap! Also, it is a place where you need to return frequently if only to experience a new culinary delight on every visit – perhaps Nibble would give me a “frequent-user discount”!! Worth a try. Can’t wait for next week’s blog!

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    • Thank you I really hope I will encourage people to go ‘Nibble’ because it is such a great little cafe which deserves to pick up more business!! Yes it definitely is a place you need to visit frequently if only to frequently sample to new culinary treats!!


  2. I have been impressed with the variety of food offered by Nibble. A delightful name for a lovely cafe which is well worth a visit. Well done Amelia for your blog.

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  3. This sounds and looks amazing! I love salted caramel and brownies! Cookies and ice cream I’ve never tried! Is it like cookie dough ice cream, or different? X

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