Visiting ‘Dead Bod’!

Hello guys! So recently after being featured in one of the projections from Hull’s light show back in January, ‘Dead Bod'(‘Bod’ is a colloquial saying referring to a ‘bird’) has been one of the many subjects of conversation in Hull. The graffiti of a dead bird was painted on the corrugated iron wall of a quay side shed. ‘Dead Bod’ first appeared at Alexandra Dock in the 1960s after it was painted on as a drunken prank by Captain Len ‘Pongo’ Rood and Gordon Mason. ‘Dead Bod’ went on to become an unofficial navigational tool; when ships passed ‘Dead Bod’, sailors knew that they needed to get changed from their sea clothes into their land clothes because they had 20 minutes left until they reached the shore. ‘Dead Bod’ is now displayed in the new Humber Steet Art Gallery for all to see and in today’s blog post, I’m going to be sharing my experience of visiting ‘Dead Bod’ with you and giving you my opinion on it.

We visited ‘Dead Bod’ in the Humber Street Gallery on the 11th February and clearly yet again I hadn’t taken into account its size since I was surprised at how big it was!! However, it was really nice to see Hull proudly showing its fishing heritage through ‘Dead Bod’ and I  definitely think we need more events like ‘Blade’ and ‘Dead Bod’ which really link in with key aspects of Hull such as its fishing heritage. Although I did find it quite hard to take pictures of it since it was displayed in the busy cafe area, I did still really enjoy visiting ‘Dead Bod’. 

I would rate ‘Dead Bod’ 9 out of 10 stars, docking a star for how hard it was to get a decent picture of it due to how busy it was where it was displayed in the cafe area. However apart from that it was a really enjoyable thing to visit and I’d definitely like to visit it again!!

Thank you for reading this blog post!! If you haven’t seen ‘Dead Bod’ yet and you live in or around the area of Hull, I would definitely reccomend visiting it since it’s a great event which really shows off Hull’s fishing heritage. There will be a new blog post up next week but until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a  Amelia in Hull


  1. I guess that this really is an event to go and see first hand – soon hopefully! Keep the blogs coming please Amelia – you are obviously very proud of the city where you live. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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    • Thank you for reading them!! I would definitely reccomend going to see ‘Dead Bod’ – its truly an event you’ll never forget. I am very proud of Hull because its an amazing city which with the help of City of Culture can develop even more.


    • Thank you I definitely found Jake’s take on ‘Dead Bod’ interesting since I’ve never really thought of it in that way before! And yes you’re right the history side of ‘Dead Bod’ is fascinating as well and I will do I post new blog posts every Sunday 😊


  2. […] ‘Dead Bod’, a graffiti of a dead fish key to Hull’s fishing heritage, has recently been displayed in the Humber Street Art Gallery. Although the future of ‘Dead Bod’ is unsure, it will remain in Humber Street Gallery for 12 months. If you have not yet seen ‘Dead Bod’, I would definitely recommend visiting it as it is a great event which really shows off Hull’s fishing heritage! If you would like to read my blog post on ‘Dead Bod’ Click here  […]


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