Hull welcomes ‘Blade’!!

Hello there!! So on the 8th January, Hull welcomed a 75 metre long blade from a turbine otherwise known as ‘Blade’ to its City Centre as part of City of Culture. It’s going be to be staying in Queen Victoria Square until 18th of March and there have been a lot of mixed opinions on it. Some think ‘Blade’ is spectacular and that it fits in perfectly as part of City of Culture whereas others think that ‘Blade’ has taken over our city centre and does not fit in with City of Culture at all. In today’s blog post I’m going to be talking about my experience of ‘Blade’ and giving my honest opinion on what I think about it.

I visited ‘Blade’ with my family on the 14th of January and my first thought when I first saw it was that is was massive. I knew that it was going to be big but I didn’t realise quite how big a blade from a turbine was. It easily stretched across Queen Victoria Square and ended where it was suspended over Paragon Street. Even though it was vast in size and seemed to almost swallow up Queen Victoria Square, it was unlike anything I’d seen before in my life and it was refreshing to see something so unique and different come to the City Centre for City of Culture. I’m so glad I got the oppurtunity to visit ‘Blade’ because I don’t think many people can say they got a picture standing underneath a 75 metre blade from a turbine!

I would rate this event 8 out of 10 stars, docking 2 stars for the fact that it was so big!! It swallowed up Victoria Square with its great size and that’s why I think its probably good that it isn’t a permanent installment! However I still did really enjoy visiting it and I’d like to see Hull branch out and give us more events that are like this in the future.

Thank you for reading this blog post!! If you live in Hull or around the area and you’ve not seen ‘Blade’ yet I would definitely recommend going to see it before March because it is truly an event you’ll never forgot!! There will be a new blog post out next week so until then bye for now!!

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


  1. Well I am yet to see the blade but I hear it is amazing and your blog on this matter was very useful as now I know what to be expecting when I eventually do go and see it x

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    • I would definitely reccomend visiting ‘Blade’, its amazing to look at!! And thank you that’s what I aim to do with my blog, I want to get as many people as possible visiting the events for Hull City of Culture.


  2. Great blog and a truly great experience seeing the blade earlier this month! The size blows you away especially when you think about the fact that THREE of these are connected to each turbine to generate electricity!!!

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  3. […] ‘Blade’,which is a 75 metre long blade from a turbine, is a temporary installment in Queen Victoria Square for City of Culture. It was installed on 8th January and is to be taken down on the 18th March so if you have not seen it yet and you would like to, you have 6 days to get there before it is taken down. It’s truly an amazing and unique event and something you may not get the oppurtunity to visit again!! If you would like to read my blog post on ‘Blade’ Click here  […]


  4. I really enjoyed reading your honest blog about the blade. When I heard about it on television I initially thought that some artist would have been paid a lot of money. I thought it is just putting a blade in the centre of Hull.

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  5. I did actually manage to see the blade before it left. I have changed my mind and think it was wonderful. I would like to see it in it’s new permanent home outside the factory where it was made.

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