New Years Fireworks in Hull!!

Hello again! So in Hull on 1st January 2017 there was a ticketed Firework display to open City of Culture. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get tickets for it but the North Lincolnshire council decided to open Waters’ Edge to the public so they could view the Fireworks from there on the River Bank so I viewed it from there.

There must have been thousands who’d all gone down to Waters’ Edge to see the fireworks, having failed to get tickets to see it in the ticketed area in Hull. While people stood waiting and the crowds gathered, there was a low murmur of chatter.But as the fireworks began to explode in the distance, a silence fell over the crowd and all you could hear was the gentle lapping over the river. It was weird really because you could see the fireworks going off in the distance but you couldn’t hear them like you’d hear fireworks close up. Even though they probably would’ve looked better close up, they were still spectacular and I’m really glad I got the chance to experience that historic moment as part of Hull being City of Culture 2017.

I would rate this event a 9 out 10 stars since the fireworks were stunning but I feel that a lot of people from Hull didn’t actually end up going to see the fireworks since they didn’t get tickets for it so they could’ve provided more ticketed areas to view the fireworks. But aside from that it was a really good event that I thoroughly enjoyed although by the end of it I was so cold that I couldn’t feel my fingers!!

Thanks for reading this blog post and sorry that it’s a bit after the event!! Since I only got my blog set up last Sunday, I wrote this blog post as soon as I possibly could. So to summarize what I’ve said so far I thought the fireworks were spectacular but I feel maybe they could’ve added more ticketed areas so more people could see the fireworks.
Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull


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