First ever blog post!!

Hey there! I’m Amelia Grace and this is my first ever blog post!! Over the next year, I’m going to be reviewing some of the different events that are going to be happening in Hull and giving you the inside scoop on what its like to live in the City of Culture 2017. This blog post will hopefully explain why I’ve set up this blog, what I’m going to be blogging about over the next year and what I hope to achieve with my blog in the future.

So you’re probably wondering first of all why I’ve decided to set up this blog. Well there is basically one main reason which is that since Hull is City of Culture 2017, that means there will be a lot of events happening and that’s where my blog comes in. Over the next year I’m going to be blogging about some of the different events (since I probably won’t have time to go to all of them!!) and telling you all about what the event was about, whether I enjoyed it or not and what I would rate it out of 10 stars.

So now you know why I’ve set up this blog, let’s talk about this year and what I’ll be blogging about. Like I’ve previously mentioned, one of the reasons I set up this blog is so I could blog about all the different events that will be held in Hull as part of City of Culture. I will also be going around to the different independent businesses Hull has to offer such as cafes and shops and reviewing them as well; basically my blog is going to be all about anything that’s to do with Hull and Hull City of Culture.

So finally let’s talk about what I envision in the future for my blog. I would really love for after 2017 is over to be able to expand my blog to a travel and lifestyle blog whilst still blogging about events that are happening in Hull. But for now I’m just going to focus on 2017 and see what the future holds for my blog …

So that’s it guys!! I hope you enjoyed reading my first ever blog post and that you will continue to read more of my blogs.

Amelia Grace a.k.a Amelia in Hull x


  1. So far Amelia the organsiers have done a good job, first getting the whole thing on the road during the first few hours, and they did well. But the hard part is yet to come, to keep the momentum going and ignore the many comments, from locals I may say, who have said that its a waste of money, How many times have I heard that comment about an event over the years and this is one of the biggest events that I have witnessed since the Science Museum event back in the 1960 at Hull College. That was awesome and it was said at the time to be a one off event, I wished it could be repeated just for this year. Is the blade art? Who knows as there are many things that are regarded as the forefront of the artistic community, remember Tracy Ermin’s unmade bed?

    I have enjoyed every minuter of it up to now and have gone around to see as much as I can, but I remember the Leonado Da Vinci drawings on display at the Ferens a while back, I could not believe the intracacy of his work, it was mind blowing. I’m not an artist myself but to see stuff by people I have read about in history books is just out of this world. Yes I went down to Hull University and I have to say that some of the stuff was not to my liking, art is subjective, what is good to one person may be a load of rubbish to me, but that goes for music as well, some things I just cannot listen too no matter how popular with the massess.

    I will follow your blog as we have a common interest and I will look forward to your persepective on the events to follow. But up to now I haven’t been able to see everything so must try harder in the coming weeks. The refurbishing of the city centre is finally starting to make sense but where the builders have not been there are some nasty looking paving stones that beg people to trip over them. And on the corner near to the Dram Shop pub, TSB Band, BHS store, Gough & Davy’s old shop, what was Arco then Miss Muffet, and the old Edwin Davis’s store that has been derelict for years. So still lots to acheive but this C.O.C. thing may gave us the push we need, and the money. There is the cronic road situation that seems to be taking an age to resolve, yes Castle St, but the government are, as usual, dragging their feet, its only ‘Hull’, if it was London and the South East it would be done in a jiffy, how much is Crossrain by the way or H2 trains to knock 30 minutes off the journey from the Midlands to London,

    Super fast trains linking Hull with Liverpool, well I don’t think that I will be alive to see that, we only got the Humber Bridge as a bribe to electorate and Harold Wilson’s government badly needed Hull to return a Labour MP. We did and got our bridge, but with many caveats along the way and a lot of grumbling about the cost, how was the contractors to know that there was a stream underneath the River Humber bed that set the bridge back many months. But no sweat, Dartmouth got a tunnel AND a Bridge, it was only Hull after all.

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